Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Field Trip!

Day 35 of 46 c Lenten Season 2010

Today, my first online article for Crosswalk.com has been published, and you can read it here. For five months, once a month I'll be writing an article about singles in the church. But even if you're married, there's something in it for you, so please check it out!

To help you save time, I have no essay for today. Think of it as a field trip to another website, like your grade school classes probably had to visit another location of interest.

We'll be back to normal tomorrow with an essay about the 10-year anniversary of a killer tornado that swept through Fort Worth and Arlington.


  1. i enjoyed your article on crosswalk.com. look forward to the next one. thanks.

  2. Hello, Tim: I read your article @ crosswalk.com and was quite moved by your observations in that it seems that FINALLY someone is willing to say the unpopular thing. In fact, a couple of your points stretched my thinking on this matter, e.g., "singleness as deviant". If nothing else, it's refreshing to read your article.

  3. Hey, Tim...how refreshing to find a POV about singles that doesn't patronize the status. I am single my whole life but have a son. My standing in church does not exist basically and we've had several failed 'singles groups'. I know why they failed, as I attended them. I certainly know how I would approach a group...so I'll be interested in reading more of your POV about us 'deviants'! haha Connie

    A man in my church, who says he has the gift of administration, says he believes I should be a singles pastor. I'm in school now but wondering if I should change my major and do it.. we'll see.


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