Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re-Righting Revisions

Guess what - we have no new material for today. Instead, I've been fine-tuning two essays which have already been posted on this blog.

For those of you who may have read my earlier essay, "Deconstructing the Constitution Myth," please be advised that I have revised significant portions to better reflect my personal viewpoints and clarify some of my terminology. In particular, I was sloppy in my use of the term "living document" when describing the U.S. Constitution.

Hopefully you'll now see that I'm not an advocate of cavalier, sweeping overhauls of the purpose of government - the characterization which some conservatives ascribe to those who normally use the term. Although I'm convinced our Founding Fathers did not intend the Constitution to be a static document, either.

And after a reader pointed out a lack of objectivity on my part regarding my essay about Gerritsen Beach, I decided I indeed could do better, so I've re-worded it as well.

Although I don't like admitting to mistakes, I don't mind trying to see if I can do things better. Hopefully, this is one big learning experience. Thanks for bearing with me!

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