Friday, March 2, 2012

Limbaugh's Filth no Fluke

Did Rush Limbaugh go too far this week?

He called a female law student advocating for free contraception a "slut."

Then he said that since she wanted taxpayers to pay for her contraceptive medicine, the public has the right to watch videotapes of her sexual experiences.

Did Rush Limbaugh go to far?

Actually, Limbaugh has been going too far in his acerbic, destructive partisanship for far too long.  This is simply further proof that he's interested more in ratings than right-wing decency.  Not long ago, wasn't the Republican Party the party of uptight moralists?  Now, apparently, the s-word trips off the tongue as legions of right-wing Rush-heads sop it all up.


Not only has Limbaugh declared yet again that his mouth and brain are filled with filth, since suggesting that pornography should be available for free for public consumption should make most traditional Republicans blush with shame (but it doesn't, does it?).

Not only has Limbaugh handed even more campaign fodder to the Democrats on a silver platter, setting up a prime fundraising opportunity for liberals, and a poignant fatherly-type moment for President Obama to call the law student and thank her for standing up for his policies.

With his vulgarity, Limbaugh trivializes the argument in defense of conscientious objection - the original battle line in this contraception debate - and indeed makes the Republican position in this debate sexual in tone, instead of Constitutional.

If his first diatribe against the law student, Sandra Fluke, had itself been a fluke - something Limbaugh said without first thinking about - he'd have had ample opportunity to let the fallout in the media over his remarks just settle to the ground like they usually do when he makes some inflammatory statement.  But then, the next day, Limbaugh says he wants to "watch."

I wonder if Fluke could take out a protection order against this dirty old man.  Could law enforcement consider Limbaugh a voyeuristic stalker?  He certainly sounds like some kind of predator.

Unfortunately, Limbaugh has become a predator who's on the hunt to ravage his party's political viability.  How much longer will the American public continue to tolerate this buffoon?

I do not support taxpayer funding for contraceptives.  I certainly do not support letting our government force employers to pay for protectng their employees from unwanted pregnancies.  Fluke's testimony this week endorsing these two preposterous ideas should have been allowed to stand on its own for failing to address the real issue:  personal responsibilty.

But that's not what our American media is buzzing about now.  At least, not directly.  Limbaugh has taken the country off-message at just the time when we conservatives should be stating our case with logic, and reminding the Obama administration of the value - and indeed, any society's need for - personal responsibility.

Remember the virtue of personal responsibility?

Limbaugh doesn't.

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