Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm O-K!

By now, you've probably heard that a batch of tornadoes ripped through the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex today.

I was driving home from a noontime classical pipe organ concert in Fort Worth when I noticed an ominous black billowing of the clouds where it had moments before been a stern yet harmless gray.  About that time, I heard warning sirens going off as I drove down a major boulevard, so I turned on the car radio to an all-news station, where I learned that a tornado was bearing down on Arlington, just to the west of where I was!

Fortunately, I made it home just fine, and everybody I know here is fine, too.  None of us suffered any damage, although things look pretty bad from what I've seen on the news.

So instead of the usual blog post today, I would invite you to take the time you might have ordinarily spent on reading my essay and pray for the people whose lives have been thrown topsy-turvy by today's severe weather.  Tornadoes hit here in Arlington, and in the towns of Kennedale, Lancaster, Forney, and Royce City.

At least that was the list last time I checked.  Storms are still active in parts of our area.

Thank you.

Update at 9:30pm:  City leaders in Arlington say that seven residents were injured in today's tornado, one of them critically.  Estimates put the number of damaged homes in Arlington at 150, and in Lancaster, 300.  Forney was hit by two tornadoes that damaged an estimated 70 homes.  At least no deaths have been reported.

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