Friday, March 22, 2013

An Open Letter to My Chinese Readers

I know a number of people who visit my blog live in China.

The analytical software Google provides me tells me so.  The degree of spam activity on my website also suggests to me that many Chinese people see the content of my blog on a daily basis.

So today, I'm writing to you, my Chinese readers, spammers, and surfers.  I'm going to write in an easier form of English, so I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say.  Because this is a personal, heartfelt message for you.

你好  (Hello!)

Do you know that your government says it has killed 336 million unborn children?  This is not what our American government says.  It's what your Chinese government says.

In a report your Health Ministry released on March 14, 2013, and analyzed by the Financial Times of London, England, officials say that in order to enforce China's one-child policy, doctors in your country have performed 336 million abortions since 1971.

That's more than the total number of children experts predict will be born across our entire planet within the next decade.

Many people around the world are shocked, saddened, and angry at what your country has done to literally hundreds of millions of unborn children.  Many of us believe that abortion is a crime against humanity, since it artificially denies the life represented by a fetus the right to continue its physical development as a human being.

Many of us also know that the Chinese people do not like your government's one-child policy, and we know that some rich Chinese parents are wealthy enough to pay whatever taxes, fees, or bribes are necessary for them to have more than one child.  That, too, distresses many of us around the world, since it means that human rights are being awarded simply on the basis of money.

Please know that there are people around the world who have sorrow for your country and your government.  For the sake of the Chinese people, we want this inhumanity to end.  And many of us understand that you and your parents probably want it to stop, too.  You don't want your government to kill unborn children, do you?

We may be an ocean and many cultures apart, geographically and socially, but your country's abortion crisis is ours, too.  We are all human beings with inherent dignity and value.  No government has a right to slaughter its own people.

Especially when they're not even yet born.

Please ask yourself this question:  If you can't trust your government to protect the most vulnerable among you, how can you expect it to protect you?

谢谢  (Thank you)

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