Friday, August 29, 2014

Taupe Suit Wears Thin for Policy Gaffe

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Washington is all abuzz about the President's press conference yesterday, in which he admitted that he doesn't have a plan to fix the ISIS mess.
But that's not what most people on social media are squawking about today.  It's that tan suit he was wearing.  Or taupe, depending on which website's photo of the summery ensemble you've seen.

It's been humorous to read what a bunch of White House press corps newsies think of Obama's wardrobe choice, as if they're all paragons of chic style and dapper fashion.  So what if they work for the BBC, the Washington Post, CNN, and other major news outlets that tend to pride themselves on putting fashionistas behind their anchor desks?  I've complained before about what some of them wear, too.

Personally, however, I don't see a lot to complain about regarding the President's attire yesterday.  I couldn't tell about the pants, but the jacket fit well, even if I don't like my jacket sleeves as long as Obama apparently does.  From one close-up of the lapels and collar, I can see that his tailor is an expert, because the stitching was flawless.

That striped tie also matched very well, especially considering that the difference in colors between it and the suit was only shades apart.  Usually, with a suit like that, men wear brightly-colored ties, so they don't have to try to create such a superbly subtle ensemble as the President's.  So perhaps, since First Lady Michelle is an accomplished fashion plate, she pushed for the President's clothiers to put some extra effort into the match.  I know that when I worked for a gentlemens' clothing store back in college, some husbands and wives spent much longer searching for ties than they did the suit.

A lot of critics of Obama's suit may be surprised to see a world leader of the male gender not wearing a basic navy or charcoal suit.  And that was my first reaction, too, when I began seeing photos from the President's press conference yesterday.  But my second reaction was, "boy, what a great tie to match that suit!"

My third reaction was an appreciation for how well the suit appeared to fit him.  Of course, slim men can wear a lot of stuff men like me can't, and still look good.

So, back off, all you media hounds.  At least as far as the President's wardrobe choice yesterday was concerned.  Unless, of course, you suspect that the President intentionally wore what he guessed would be a controversial suit so that the rest of us would have something else to talk about today - something other than his embarrassing bluntness about not having a clue about how to handle ISIS.  The White House may indeed be stumped over ISIS, and we all may be aware of that, but it's still bad policy to say publicly that we don't have a policy.  It pretty much confirms to our enemies that whatever they're doing is working.

Maybe we weren't supposed to listen to what Obama said as much as we were to look at what he wore?

Unfortunately for the President, and for us, his suit was the only good thing about that press conference.

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