Friday, August 15, 2014

Yes! We Can Help Ebola Patient Brantly

You've heard about the American physician who's been serving in Africa and contracted the Ebola virus.

But what you probably haven't heard - yet - is that his family's belongings in Liberia, Africa, are being destroyed, since they are considered to be infested with Ebola.  That means that should Dr. Kent Brantly and his family return to Liberia, they will have no clothing, furniture, or anything else of life's ordinary essentials - let alone luxuries - to return to.

If you'd like to help provide financially for this family, you can do so through a charity affiliated with our local non-profit hospital, John Peter Smith Hospital, here in Tarrant County, Texas.  It's where Brantly did his medical residency.  Through the JPS Foundation, you can make a secure online donation to the Brantly family.

Please click here to access the JPS Foundation's online donation portal.

Go to the "Give a Gift" button (blue, on the right side of the page).

Under "Designation," you'll see a drop-down menu, and the Brantly family will be listed.  Simply select their name.

I'm presuming this same need will emerge for Nancy Writebol, the other American missionary being treated for Ebola, but I don't have donation information for her yet.

And don't presume that since Brantly is a physician, he's financially able to cover the costs of setting up his household again in Africa.  He's a missionary doctor, which means he's almost certainly not pulling down anything close to what your primary care physician is here in the States.

If you were wondering what more could be done to help the Brantly's, besides praying, well:  here's your answer!


  1. Hello! I read your article on singleness being a spiritual gift on and it sparked my interest; it also rose this question in me: you wouldn't by any chance still have the test you took twenty years ago to determine whether singleness was your spiritual gift would you? I probably should've prefaced this by outlining it was not a question about the ebola virus, my excuses for that.

    1. Thank you for reading my article! In answer to your question; no, I'm sorry; but I don't still have that spiritual gifts inventory test, nor do I remember the name of it.


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