Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hey Christians: Our Votes Aren't About Us

Hey, all you American evangelicals:  Guess what?!

This upcoming election isn't about us.

Our current presidential contest isn't about Democrats or Republicans, or liberals or conservatives.

It isn't about watching Donald Trump make a mockery of civilized discourse and conventional politics.  It isn't about whether or not Democrats will have the temerity to nominate somebody with as much political baggage as Hillary Clinton.  This election isn't about politics anyway.

It's not about abortion, or gay marriage, or civil rights, or gun control.  We're not voting to secure our way of life, our economy, our childrens' future, or our position in world affairs.  We're not casting ballots based on immigration issues, minimum wage laws, or states rights.

This upcoming election isn't about morality, religion, money, opinions, or media coverage.

It's about God.  It's about what God expects His people to do, and how He expects us to act.  It's about those things that bring Him glory, and those things by which He proves His grace in the hearts and minds of those who claim to be His:


This election isn't about us.  It's not about protecting our Christian faith.  It's not about protecting ourselves from the faith of people who are currently fleeing a war that our national policies have helped to inflame.  This election, like everything else, is about God.

Yes, we need to be grateful that our Lord still lets us contribute each of our votes towards a future we like to imagine we're able to control for our country.  But this election isn't about the United States, either.

This election is about the one, holy, sovereign, unchangeable, apolitical, righteous, and supreme Father God.

May we serve Him with our votes, and no one - and nothing - else.

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