Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I Hereby Repudiate Trump's Politics

Donald Trump may speak for a bullying, bigoted chunk of American blow-hards, but he does not respect the United States Constitution, human rights, and basic principles of decency, diplomacy, governance, and logic.

Either he's been paid-off by Bill and Hillary Clinton to throw the election her way, or he's simply become delusional regarding his own importance and influence.  There's hardly any other way to analyze his increasingly ridiculous statements on the campaign trail.

True, on the one hand, it helps to know what Trump personally thinks and believes, especially since those thoughts and beliefs disqualify him as a person of integrity, as well as being in rational contention for the presidency (history has shown those two qualities are not mutually exclusive).  Indeed, just because he has a legal right to say the things he's saying doesn't mean he should say them.  And just because a sizable portion of contemptuous conservative voters like what he says doesn't make the things he says correct.

Trump and his followers brazenly imperil free speech, freedom of religion, and even our already questionable efforts at national defense.  How bizarre it is to witness the same people who profess such allegiance to "the American way of life" making a mockery of it through their enthusiastic support of Trump.  Many of these folks claim that President Obama has brought shame upon our country by the ways they believe he's ingratiated himself to the Arab world.  Yet they can't see how Trump's xenophobic hubris wreaks tangible harm on the United States, especially as we confront the dangers of groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS.

For what it's worth, for the record, as an American, as a white male, as somebody who mostly votes Republican, and especially as an evangelical Christ-follower, I personally repudiate Donald Trump's politics.

May God have mercy on the United States of America as we endure such a misguided, mean-spirited candidacy for the presidency of this, my native country.

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