Friday, July 1, 2016

Lynched by the Clintons at Sky Harbor

Her harshest critics call her an evil woman.

Yet even her supporters have to admit:  Hillary Clinton is a dangerous woman.

She has deftly navigated some exceedingly choppy waters over Benghazi, her illicit e-mail server, and seemingly dozens of other lies, deceptions, and duplicities.  She and hubby Bill have amassed $150 million of personal wealth just since his presidency.  Theirs is a stunning feat by any measure, and one that could not have happened if the couple didn't know how to seek out the right uber-wealthy folks and arrange suitable quid-pro-quo for them.

After all, it takes some pattern of "you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours" to earn ex-politicians that kind of money without some high-stakes, low-ethics power brokering.

Meanwhile, their real money lies in their "foundation," a fundraising machine worth between two to three billion dollars.  Billion!  With a "B."  Much of that money, raised just since Bill's presidency, has been contributed by some of the world's sleaziest despots and dictators.  And while very few official investigations have been made into the connections between these notorious international oligarchs and the Clintons, plenty of residual factoids, political arrangements, and paper trails exist to link the Clintons - along with their daughter, Chelsea - to some profoundly disturbing people involved in some profoundly terroristic and civil-rights-defying activities.

For Hillary to run with this pack of high-risk autocrats speaks loudly of her lust for power, money, authority, and the means by which those are most easily amassed.

This week, United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch discovered how dangerous Hillary is.  In Phoenix, Arizona, of all places.  Seems Bill was in Arizona, for purposes* nobody will say, and he was in his private plane on one end of the tarmac at Sky Harbor International Airport.  It's unclear if Bill was waiting for Lynch, or if he serendipitously learned that Lynch's plane was due to land in a few minutes.  But when Lynch's plane did land, Bill got out of his and, uninvited, went into hers.

Kind of an unusual scenario for a power broker like Bill, at least as far as the far less politically potent Lynch is concerned.  Lynch is not a political operative; she was considered a Washington outsider when President Barak Obama tapped her for the AG position.  Bill, meanwhile, is one of the world's most famous husbands.  So who knew Bill and Loretta were such good friends?

Apparently Loretta didn't know, because even in her public comments to the press after it was learned Bill had boarded her plane, Lynch seemed a bit unprepared, both to suddenly have Bill entering her plane, but also having to make what she claimed was small talk with the proud grandfather and golfing aficionado.  Lynch, who was traveling with her husband on official business, has not given any indication that she shares such endearment with any of the Clintons back in New York or Washington.

Lynch has even joked that the one thing Eric Holder, her predecessor, never told her about the job was where the lock is for the plane's door.

It's been reported that the Secret Service and other law enforcement agents in and around the planes were hissing at people nearby to not use their cell phones or take any photos.  And after thirty minutes - 30 minutes to gloat about one's grandkids and favorite golf courses? - of small talk, Bill left to get back on his own plane, and let Lynch and her entourage resume their schedule of appointments.

Since Bill himself isn't out from under the cloud of suspicion regarding Hillary's troubles with the FBI, some have speculated that he was trying to protect his own behind during his meeting with Lynch.  Still, most political pundits seem to agree:  Bill was acting on behalf of his wife, a woman for whom the presidency has been the life goal for at least as long as when he was in the office himself.  She has the Oval Office unequivocally in her sights, and she's not going to let any specter of indictment get in her way.

Actually, it's hard not to feel sorry for Lynch in this situation, since she's between a rock and a hard place.  It's her integrity that Bill put on the line, since he seems to operate with impunity without having any himself.  In Beltway media parlance, and even according to some Democrats, Bill's visit in her plane isn't good "optics."  It also shows, unfortunately for Lynch, how dispensable she may seem to the Clintons when it comes to them moving back into the White House.  There is a feeble Democrat currently living there, and he appears to understand that his own post-presidential future hangs in the balance if he and his administration don't tow the Clinton line.  Maybe it's not protocol for presidents to publicly defend their attorneys general, but not once this week has Obama publicly come to Lynch's defense.

Hey, she's still only a lawyer; Bill lost his law license after the Monica Lewinsky affair, and look at how powerful he is today.

Many Republicans are scared of Hillary, and have convinced themselves that she'd be a worse president than Donald Trump.  It certainly must be exceedingly frustrating for Hillary to see that despite the tens of millions she's spent on her well-staffed campaign, Trump is in a statistical dead heat with her based solely on the mainstream media's coverage of his bombast.

Indeed, this November's election looks to be one of the most rancorous on record, and a lot of people are planning to vote based on fear.  There aren't a lot of people in either major party who seem completely enthusiastic about their party's nominee-apparent; most voters simply are afraid of the candidate in the other party.  Hillary is indeed a dangerous woman, and most Republicans find logic in fearing her.  Trump isn't exactly dangerous in the way Hillary is; he's more reckless and foolish in ways that could deeply damage our country.

America used to be a country of opportunity and optimism.  According to the emotions of this election, however, we're currently a country of fear and intimidation.  There's little good that can come out of such negative motivations for this November's decision, except perhaps the realization that we need to make some major changes to avoid another disaster four years from now.

At least we know that, this week, everybody in Washington has learned a crucially valuable lesson:  If you see a Clinton headed towards your plane, that would be a good time to practice using the emergency exits.

*Update 7/2/16:  Today's New York Times, a staunch advocate of the Clintons, has an article attempting to excuse Bill's visit on Lynch's plane.  A Clinton aide says that Bill was wrapping up a fundraising swing through Arizona, explaining why he was at Sky Harbor, and that swing did not include golf (get the pun?).  Plus, according to aides, one of the topics of conversation between Clinton and Lynch was Janet Reno, who was one of Bill's attorneys general, and is now suffering from Parkinson's disease.  Apparently, Lynch had recently visited with Reno, but it remains unclear why the topic of Reno was omitted from Lynch's initial description of her conversation with Bill.  Even if you want to believe the spin Clinton's camp is trying to put on this, it's all still pretty murky, isn't it?

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