Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Did Trump Win, or Hillary Lose?

Does it matter?

Whatever Hillary Clinton has to say in her concession speech this morning, no, it doesn't matter.

She's scheduled to deliver her post-election remarks in about half an hour from when I'm writing this short essay, but I don't care about it.  Reports say she disappeared from Manhattan's Javitz Center last night when election returns showed Donald Trump scoring surprising wins in key battleground states.

Early this morning, she made a call to Trump and conceded the election to him, but that was likely more of a preemptive maneuver on her part, knowing that Trump may very well press for an indictment of her and her e-mail shenanigans when he moves into the White House.

It's telling that Clinton either didn't have a concession speech prepared last night, or if she did, that she was too overwhelmed to deliver it.  Her spin doctors will likely say that Clinton wanted to wait for daylight to deliver her speech so that it could be aired when most American voters are awake, instead of at the wee two-o-clock hour this morning when the media pronounced Trump the winner.

But like everything else about the Clinton candidacy, her childish vanishing act at Javitz overnight portrayed her entitlement addiction.

For all that is wrong about Trump's temperament, he never felt entitled to the presidency.  Yet Hillary has spent decades preening for the role.  Her air of entitlement has extended not just to the Oval Office, but to her ambivalence regarding our national security laws - as witnessed by her tawdry e-mail scandal, as well as to non-profit fundraising laws and, indeed, human rights themselves, with her shameless pandering for money from some of our planet's most ruthless despots.  Her sloppy management of the State Department was proof that she considered it mere placeholding, or resume fodder.  Her disdain for the women who accused her husband of sexual abuse only illustrated her duplicity on the women's rights front.

Shucks, just about everybody close to her has admitted that she's stayed with Bill all these years not because she deeply loves him as a husband and values the sanctity of marriage, but because she needs his political connections.  Which, for Beltway insiders like them, is its own kind of love, I suppose.

She's likely going to blame the FBI's James Comey for ruining her campaign with what she'll perceive as his last-minute staged re-opening of her e-mail saga.  She's likely going to blame Anthony Weiner, whom the FBI was supposedly investigating when they found his wife's e-mails on his computer.  And she's likely going to blame President Barak Obama, whose clunky Obamacare was recently revealed to be increasingly unaffordable as premiums keep rising, and insurers keep bailing.

If Trump had lost, I don't imagine he'd have ducked from public view like Hillary did.  He'd have marched up to a podium and demanded recounts and called for lawsuits similar to the one his legal team filed in Nevada on Monday over a polling location that allegedly stayed open after hours.

Frankly, I'm surprised that Trump won - in an election he's blasted as being rigged, even!  But actually, I'm not sure him "winning" is the most accurate interpretation of this election.  As if voters genuinely want Donald Trump, the person, to be president.

Indeed, perhaps it's not that people were voting for Trump, as much as they were voting against Hillary Clinton, the person, the entitlement queen.

For a Trump presidency, that's not exactly political capital.  Especially since Trump won the Electoral College, not the popular vote.  But it's certainly an affirmation that America does not want any more politics as usual.

And if anything is guaranteed about the immediate future for our country, it's that a Trump presidency will be unlike anything we've ever seen.

Buckle your seatbelts, everyone.

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