Is Singleness a Spiritual Gift?
Answering the question

Are Single Men Afraid of Dating?
Exploring the reasons why male Millennials may be putting off "the Big M"

Thoughts on Fathers Day From a Man Who Isn't One
Basically, some thoughts on Fathers Day from a man who isn't one

4 Ways Singles Can Make a Difference
Four common activities whose benefits we may take for granted

How I Know Clinical Depression Isn't Sinful
My "coming out" on Crosswalk about my experience with depression

How Alternative Is Your Singlehood?
NBC thinks Olympic halfpiper David Wise has an "alternative lifestyle."  Oh, really?

Singlehood Isn't a Box of Chocolates
Ever wonder what kind of Valentines Day article I'd write?  So did my Crosswalk editor.

The Supernatural Salvation of Singles
A perspective on salvation to combat those post-Christmas blues

Still Searching for All the Single Men?
Some answers for one of the biggest questions in singles ministry

Pressing Through the Midway of Our Journey
Looking back on life an approaching any regrets we may see

Claiming Christ for Generation X
What the "X" in Generation X could stand for

Matching Our Perspective With God's Providence
Exploring contentment with God's sovereignty over our marital status

Financial Advice For the Suddenly Single
An interview with financial planner Derrick Kinney

Exit Interview: Leaving Christianity
One former single church-goer tells her story of leaving the faith

The "L" Word: Harder Than It Looks
Exploring the topic of Biblical phileo love

Deconstructing Depression's Taboos
Encouraging evangelicals to educate themselves on genuine depression and suicide

When Endings Aren't Happy
Lessons learned when a good family experiment seems to end badly

Why Singles Ministry Isn't Easy
Exploring the challenges of ministering to contemporary single adults

Singles and Sex:  Is There Hope?
Proof that single evangelicals are on the front lines of the war against sexual virtue

Violence and the Single Factor
Exploring the connection between marital status and gun violence in America

Singles, Adoption, and "Acceptable Religion"
Addressing the question of whether single believers should be adoptive parents

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting
Considerations for the seasons of waiting in our lives

Resist Fearing a Spouseless Future
Scripture verses to help combat anxiety about growing old "alone"

What do Micro-Apartments and Churches Have in Common?
How the race to create apartments for singles relates to the church

Why What Women Wear Matters
Tackling the touchy subject of women's clothing and lust

Singles and the Long Goodbye
Considerations for singles caring for loved ones with memory loss

Seven Tips for Graduating Singles
Why singles fresh out of college shouldn't fear singles ministries

Why Living in Sin Doesn't Work
Explaining the disconnect between cohabitation and strong marriages.

Stalkers and Balkers in Your Church's Midst
Identifying and dealing with predatory men in singles groups.

Does Appearing Pure Matter?
Christians who date shouldn't forget they're held to a higher standard.

The Great Disappearing Singles Ministry?
Churches are eliminating programs for singles, but that's not necessarily a bad trend.

Keeping Matrimony Holy Starts with Singles
How Christian unmarrieds can help preserve the sanctity of marriage

Solo Zone: Truth Shines from Penn State Pain
A victim of child abuse reacts to the allegations at Penn State

Solo Zone: When Fighting Cancer's Really Personal
Perspective of a never-married cancer survivor

Solo Zone:  Puppets for the Kingdom
Interview with somebody unusual: a Christian puppeteer.

Solo Zone:  Flying Through Fourteen Weddings
Perspective of a single 30-something male on being "always the groomsman, never the groom."

Solo Zone:  Hindsight Helps Clarify Marital Status
Perspective of a single 40-something female on being "always the bridesmaid, never the bride."

Solo Zone: Flexibility in a Crisis
Interview with a doctoral student who took a year off of his studies to help care for his injured brother.

Solo Zone: Whither the Single Male Missionary?
Discussion of results from an informal survey exploring gender disparity on the mission field.

Solo Zone:  All in the Family
Interview with a single woman who assumed educational guardianship of her niece (for

Solo Zone:  When Opportunity Knocks
Interview with church musician J. Marty Cope and his plans for attending Cambridge University (for

One Wife or None? Singles as Elders
Exploring the question of whether single men can serve as church elders (for

Singles in the Church: The Ghost Demographic
First in a 5-part series for on single adults in the evangelical church.

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Singles in the Church:  Faith With Work
Third in a 5-part series for, discussing the role of work/employment among singles.

Singles in the Church:  Views From the Pulpit
Fourth in a 5-part series for, discussing how pastors view singles ministries.

Singles in the Church: A Compelling Role to Play
Fifth in a 5-part series for, wrapping up the topic of integrating singles within the evangelical church.