After 15 years, this blog is changing.

I started it with the hopes of launching a brand-new career writing opinion pieces.

For a while, I seemed to be going someplace with it, even though I couldn't figure out how to monetize any of it.  Then, a lot of things began changing in our world and my life, and while I knew I was never in step with a majority of anybody, I suddenly learned how out of step I am with almost everybody!

Because several professional writer and journalist friends complimented my blog over the years, I don't regret starting it.  For a while, I enjoyed it.  But now, I see where I really wasted a lot of posts writing about politics.  Of all the topics on which to spend so much time! 


Because of my Dad's dementia, I chronicled my family's journey with him through that dreadful disease.  It consumed my parents and me for eight hard years.  To this day, my life's proudest accomplishment has been being able to help them through it, and to still stand on this side of it convinced that we did everything we could.  

I've thought about turning those essays into a book of some sort, but another problem has come to the fore - something that was hard for me to admit online:  Chronic clinical depression.

My official diagnosis came when I lived in New York City after college, but now, I realize I've had it as long as I can remember.  Complicating matters has been my discovery of scientific research suggesting that antidepressants might contribute to the onset of dementia.  Which, obviously, is a very real threat in my family.

I've been fully off of antidepressants since last summer, and so far, have thankfully been able to manage.  But that hasn't been easy, either.

Obviously, things change.  And I've changed.  Only now, I can't really bring myself to write about it like I used to.  And I'm tired.  Tired of controversy, anger, and selfishness.  So, after thinking about it for a while, I've begun the process of deleting most of my content, which used to hold a body of work numbering over 1,300 published essays.  I've decided that most of them are dated, and far too many of them were written with a tone that I now regret.  I used to view my world from a perspective of imperious indignation, or at least a miserable sanctimony, even as I chided other people when I saw the same flaws in them that I refused to see in myself.

I've decided I don't want to sound the way I used to.  I don't want to harangue or belittle.  I don't want to focus on conflict.  This summer, Google is changing the way people will be finding blogs like mine, so I've started to save the posts I think still have merit, and deleting the ones that don't.  I can tell you now:  There won't be much content left.  Nearly all of the political stuff will definitely get deleted.  And hopefully, what remains will be beneficial to whomever wants to read it.  If they can find it.  And if they can't, I won't worry about it.

Tradition holds that King Solomon wrote the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, where in Chapter 3, he so poignantly states, "for everything there is a season".  Indeed.

Thank you for reading.

OK, here are some other facts:
  • Born: Brooklyn, the most populous and diverse of NYC's five boroughs
  • Current Home: Arlington, Texas, smack-dab between Fort Worth and Dallas
  • Faith: I am a Christ-follower with Reformed tendencies who refutes the political reputation evangelicals have given the "E" word
  • Education: Some architecture, a dab of journalism, a degree in sociology, and a little grad school in urban planning; all of which makes me uniquely qualified for, well... not very much
  • Family: Single, never-married, no kids; with relatives in Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Indiana, Maine, and Finland