Tim Laitinen
Who cares?

Who should care what any middle-aged, overweight, bald white American male thinks about anything?  And an evangelical one at that!

Aren't most of the world's problems caused by people like me?  White, American, male, evangelical, yadda, yadda, yadda...?  And if they're not caused by us WASP males, how many other WASP males claim to have far more expertise at fixing those problems?

Our world doesn't need any more opinionated blowhards, does it?

Well, no; if you're going to look at it that way, then you're right:  opinions and opinionated people have value only insomuch as they prove that America's First Amendment rights are alive and well.  Which, these days, probably means more that it used to, you know what I mean?

But on the other hand, who doesn't get tired of all the groupthink that goes on, especially in our North American culture, as most of us try to distill events, personalities, trends, ideas, convictions, and morals into as simple a reality as possible?  Trouble is, there are usually two sides to every story, and every person.  Simplicity isn't often easy, and rarely is it wise.  What can we take at face value?  What can we ignore, and what should we believe?

If you have room in your brain for opinions that bristle at the status-quo, then maybe you'll care about my opinions.  If evangelicalism in our country seems to have recently tilted too far to the right, then maybe you'll want to consider my perspective.  In fact, if political rhetoric from any side of any debate sounds increasingly hollow to you, then maybe you'll find something to chew on in what I write.

No, the world doesn't need any more opinionated blowhards.  But it does need people who think.  Even people who have to think through the reasons why they may disagree with me about something.

You see, the reason I write is to get stuff off of my chest.  And to encourage my readers to think.  Whether it's obvious or not, we all have opinions.  So it's not opinionated people who contribute little to progress.  It's people who don't know how to think.

Not that I'm some great thinker, however.  I don't presume to offer you any brilliance here.  Nor do I have a theology degree or a PhD in anything, so I can't convince you with a bunch of capital letters after my name.  That's the "layman" part of this, see?

But I figure that if our current state of affairs exists despite our country having the most highly-educated populace it's ever had, how much worse can laypeople like me make it?

My name is Tim.  And I thank you for visiting my blog!

OK, Here are Some Other Facts
  • Born: Brooklyn, the most populous and diverse of NYC's five boroughs
  • Current Home: Arlington, Texas, smack-dab between Fort Worth and Dallas
  • Faith: Evangelical, quasi-reformed, and currently Presbyterian (PCA)
  • Education: Some architecture, a dab of journalism, a degree in sociology, and a little grad school in urban planning; all of which makes me uniquely qualified for, well... not very much
  • Politics: are ruining America; I'm moderate and independent with Republican proclivities
  • Family: Single, never-married, no kids; with relatives in Texas, Michigan, Maine, and Finland