Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Problem With Blogs

Of what benefit to the human race is the addition of another blog to the Internet? Before yesterday, my primary opinion of blogs was that they are a dangerous new world where people of questionable qualifications and integrity can say just about anything they want. It's like giving used car salesmen free space in the New York Times (which some conservatives might say would be an improvement).

To create this blog, all I had to do was go to blogspot.com and Google guided me through the easy steps to creating my own mouthpiece on the web. I didn't have to certify any educational achievemments, I didn't have to promise that everything I write will be true and accurate, I didn't submit myself to any governing authority other than the website's policy police.

So how do we know that Osama bin Laden doesn't have his own blog? How do we know that somebody writing under a Rush Limbaugh alias isn't really a covert Taliban operative? How do you know that any blogger you read really knows what they're talking about?

How do we know that Google isn't a secret arm of the CIA, quietly monitoring every blog for subversive content that will be forwarded to a clandestine White House department compiling new McCarthy-esque un-American activities (whatever those are)?

The only guarantee which I can offer readers of this blog - to let you know that I'm an honest, thinking person who is willing to consider alternative viewpoints and use logic to reason away fallacy - is this: if I ever sing the praises of Hillary's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and/or the late Ted "glug glug" Kennedy, you'll know an imposter has commandeered this blog.

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  1. Very nice, Tim! I look forward to reading your thoughts on a continuing basis. Keep on keepin' on, my friend.


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