Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, What Fun It Is...

In case you were wondering, suburban Detroit is not America's most scenic Christmas vacation spot.

And while the refurbished terminal now housing American Airlines at Detroit's Metro Airport is brighter than the old terminal, it is woefully less efficient. I think we walked half the way from Dallas to Detroit in that interminable terminal.

On Christmas day, some idiot Nigerian tried to blow up a plane preparing to land at the same airport, but the explosives packed between his legs malfunctioned. Meanwhile, the Fort Worth - Dallas area enjoyed its first white Christmas since the 1920's.

A strange way to spend the Christmas holidays. Fortunately for us, our family time pretty much revolved around everything else. Funny, isn't it - how five kids can draw the focus from your own world onto their antics?

Upon returning home, I started checking out FaceBook, and discovered an obscure presidential order that was signed under the cloak of darkness (the darkness being the current healthcare debate) on December 16. You won't find this on any news site; you'll have to read about it on your favorite blogger's site. Just Google "amending executive order 12425". I'll wait while you check it out.

Hadn't heard about "amending executive order 12425", had you? That Obama has granted INTERPOL exclusive privilege to ignore standard law enforcement procedures regarding the rights of American citizens, our privacy, and due process? Depending on the website you researched for this topic, the vitriol against Obama ranges from "maybe we don't know the full story" to calls for impeachment. I would agree with one friend on FaceBook who wondered when Obama is going to prove he's on our side.

Not that Obama is as atrocious a president as Rush and his cronies claim him to be. If George W. Bush was a Democrat, right-wing pontificators would have had similar ammunition with which to blast him (think government spending, immigration, bailouts). From where I stand, the last good president - despite his flaws - was Ronald Reagan. Reagan had the Iran-Contra scandal and a wife who consulted mystics, but he was in the right place at the right time to help push open the Iron Curtain, along with the much-maligned Iron Lady of England, Margaret Thatcher. Maybe anybody who was president at that time could have done the same things Reagan did, but it was Reagan who sat in the Oval Office then, and I don't mind giving him credit for the role he played in the historic stand-down from the Cold War.

Flash forward to December 16, and we have President Obama amending the original amendment signed by President Reagan actually certifying INTERPOL in the USA to begin with. Except Obama went someplace Reagan would never have gone: on behalf of the citizens of the United States, Obama signed away our rights to due process so that INTERPOL can operate virtually without impunity despite our national sovereignty. That, my friends, is not the mark of a good president, whether they be Democrat or Republican.

So, with all of the weird goings-on this Christmas season, from the warped, sleazy healthcare mess to an impotent suicide bomber, we add the sly bit of sovereignty-busting by our very own president.

Oh yes, add the sloppy, poorly-thought-out missive from the Department of Homeland Security - after the Detroit incident - that airplane passengers couldn't go to the restrooms during the last half-hour of their flight. As if that's the only time during the flight in which an explosive can be detonated!

With the Year of Our Lord 2010 looming in the windshield, you'll understand if I'm not terribly optimistic.

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